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Corporate and Business Cookie Gifts

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Corporate Events, Gifts, and Special Events

Our bakery considers quality of ingredients, preparation, and the delivery of a well-enjoyed product as top priority.

Cookie trays are great for meetings, thank-yous, sympathy gifts, or get well for employees, clients, and company picnics. Combinations of 12 - 18 different kinds of cookies make up our popular cookie trays. Our iced cut out cookies create unique, interesting themes of holiday, season, or occasion on each tray. We are one of the largest producers of made from scratch cookies in the area and and have been supplying custom trays for businesses for over a decade. Each December we are working almost around the clock to produce our trays for businesses, not only for office parties but also for thank-yous to clients. We have shipped these trays all over the US and have now included the option for a card with your sentiment on it. People are always pleasantly surprised at the moistness and the flavor our cookies. Our trays are so well received that businesses use us for a variety of occasions year after year.

We have a wide selection of breakfast pastry sure to please everyone present at a meeting or social gathering. Our trays give a variety of breakfast items and in small yet satisfying portions so one can enjoy several different items without overindulging. No other bakery provides the variety that we offer which include muffins, coffee cakes, breads, pumpkin roll, nut roll, and strudel sticks.

Fancy pastry trays are something different for special events and include finer pastry such as baklava, lemon bars, and mini cheesecakes. These trays are perfect for high-tension meetings and can be a great addition to almost any occasion.

Gift baskets are appreciated and enjoyed by clients, employees, and deserving customers alike. We can make either cookie baskets or bread baskets which can be picked up, delivered or shipped. We can personally deliver the baskets to work, clients, employees homes, hospitals or we can package the baskets for shipping.

Our cakes are delicious and moist. Our cakes can be decorated for retirement parties, birthday parties, or celebrations of a milestone for employees or events within a company. We are noted in the area for our moist cakes and great tasting fillings, many of which were custom created by the owner of Linda's Kitchen. Because our cakes are made to order, you can even choose two different flavors of cake on your 1/2 or full sheet cake. Upon request, we can put a flower on each serving piece of cake.

We can provide delivery from 7:30 am until 4:00 pm Tuesday-Friday. Our business has grown by keeping our customers satisfied and we take great pride in serving them well. We work hard to make sure your order is where it's supposed to be and on time. We are used to finding hard to find locations, parking in hard to park spots, and getting product up elevators, down halls and any place in between. We also, are comfortable dealing with security guards at secured locations. Our delivery drivers always maintain professionalism and if needed are trained to ask questions to make sure the order is getting to the right location.

Logos and custom designs can be designed on cookies and cakes. We have done many business logos for companies in the past and continue to help companies with unique designs or requests.

We ship - We use USPS priority shipping (2-3 days) so your gift will arrive fresh.  We accept all four major credit cards.